28 Nov 2012

Awesome view of Table Top Mountain. Thin snow pack on some of the South- South Easterly aspects.

Observations taken at 06:00 at 2260 meters: Temperature was -2, winds were 15-25 KPH from the East. No new snow was recorded at pig alley and the temperature in the valley was -2. Should be noted that the temperature at 1860 meters is +1.

Freezing level should drop to  around the 1400 meter level later today when the front arrives and we will see 5-10 cm of snow in the upper elevations by Thursday morning. FL should hover between 1300-1500 on Thursday.  Another 20-25 cm should come down by Friday morning. FL on Friday will fluctuate between 1000-1500 meters.

For the updated avalanche advisory: Advisory

Danger of Tree-wells:  American Alpine Institute

CAC Trip Planning Form: PDF Form

Review on Ortovox 3+ : From Women's Adventure

Daytime warming of the upper snow pack: From ASARC SWarm

Sherpas Cinema; Into the Mind: Trailer

From Chad Boulanger:

Hi, Wayne
Was out and about at the russet lake hut for the last two nights. On Sunday when I was coming around the corner to take in the view of Fissile. There was a crown on the lower convex roll of the Glacier that runs between the two peaks. Might have been a meter deep and 40m across, west aspect. A group of 5 came up on Monday I joined them up fissile. 3 of us rode Banana and 3 rode the saddle chute. No activity. But we avoided the roll into banana as it looked loaded, as well none of us we really keen to go into the main chute as it was well loaded and rolling.

Chad B.

Picture below from Tim Haggerty:

You can see the settlement crack above, Jerry dug down in the exact spot he had the whumpf.  Big cavity above 3m away from sun exposed rocks. Location: South side of Spearman above Circle Lake.

4 Kg shot going off on Prime Rib