4 Nov 2012

Enough already, time for it to cool off. Temperature at 2260 meters as of 07:00 this morning was +1.
Freezing levels should be dropping this week, snow is back in the forecast!! By Thursday or Friday we should see snow to the valley?!!

For anyone needing to buy avalanche rescue equipment it is difficult to choose what is best for you!!. Researching all the equipment and talking to professionals in the industry can help with your purchase. Here is a sight where you can research most of the gear. Avalanche rescue equipment

Here is a document about risk assessment in avalanche terrain for volunteers: PEP

Mammut Safety App: There's an app for everything

Sunshine changing parking regulations, size 4 avalanche, I would hope so: No Parking

From Outdoor News: Lawsuits against Ski Resorts

Snow, Floods, & Deforestation: New Research

An extratropical storm is approaching the Eastern seaboard again this week. Not a hurricane but certainly not what they need right now.