26 Nov 2012

If its not going to snow, turn on the guns!! Yesterday morning had great temps for making snow. 
At 2260 meters the temperature was - 6, in the valley it was -4 as of 07:00 hrs. No new snow was reported overnight.  Wind at 2260 meters was 10-20 KPH from the North. The ridge will bring dry and mild conditions until Wednesday afternoon. 

For the updated local avalanche advisory: November 25, 2012

The CAC Avalanche Forecast is back on Line: November 25, 2012

From the ACMG Mountain Conditions Report: Sun God Peak

Avalanches by Slope Aspect: From Pistehors.com

I often get asked why is it so hard to forecast accurate snow fall amounts: 

Snow forecasts are better than they used to be and they continue to improve but snow forecasting remains one of the more difficult challenges for meteorologists. One reason is that for many of the more intense snows, the heaviest snow amounts fall in surprisingly narrow bands that are on a smaller scale than the observing zones and the forecast zones . A great example of this is when Pig Alley is reporting 25 cm overnight and the Catskinner weather plot is measuring 35 cm. (November 23, 2012) The Pig Alley plot is 100 meters higher and only 5 Kilometres away (as the crow flys) from the Catskinner Plot. Typically the Pig Alley plot usually has a higher amount.   Also, extremely small temperature differences that define the boundary line between rain and snow make a challenging variable. Other factors are also present, part of the fun and frustration that makes snow forecasting so challenging.

The full moon will be on November 28, 2012.

This photo and profile is from Jeff Van Driel sent from his I Phone. Thanks Jeff

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Full Pit
Observer: Jeff Van Driel
2012-11-25 19:48
Lat/Lon:50.3362, -122.4069
, BC
Elevation: 1930 m
Aspect: NW Angle: 30° 4 Stability Tests: ECTX 141cm CT15 PC 155cm CT20 RP 141cm DT26 RP 44cm down 0 12 Snow Pit Layers, Measured bottom up Top Location: 177.0cm, Thickness:35.0cm, Bottom: 142.0cm Hardness:4F+, Grain Type:DF, Top Location: 142.0cm, Thickness:7.0cm, Bottom: 135.0cm Hardness:4F, Grain Type:PP, Top Location: 135.0cm, Thickness:4.0cm, Bottom: 131.0cm Hardness:1F, Grain Type:RG, Top Location: 131.0cm, Thickness:18.0cm, Bottom: 113.0cm Hardness:4F, Grain Type:DF, Top Location: 113.0cm, Thickness:24.0cm, Bottom: 89.0cm Hardness:1F, Grain Type:RG, Top Location: 89.0cm, Thickness:12.0cm, Bottom: 77.0cm Hardness:P, Top Location: 77.0cm, Thickness:6.0cm, Bottom: 71.0cm Hardness:1F, Grain Type:RG, Top Location: 71.0cm, Thickness:18.0cm, Bottom: 53.0cm Hardness:P, Grain Type:RG, Top Location: 53.0cm, Thickness:9.0cm, Bottom: 44.0cm Hardness:1F, Top Location: 44.0cm, Thickness:0.0cm, Bottom: 44.0cm Hardness:1F, Grain Type:FC, Top Location: 44.0cm, Thickness:11.0cm, Bottom: 33.0cm Hardness:K-, Grain Type:MFcr, Top Location: 33.0cm, Thickness:33.0cm, Bottom: 0.0cm Hardness:K,