27 Nov 2012

Slide on Prime Rib, a 4 Kilogram charge released this slide on the summer firn.

In this shot you can see the Fracture line from the 2.5 Sa (Nov 24, 2012) on Shrund Alley in the background,  as well as the 2.5 Xe flank of Prime Rib release from Monday Nov 26, 2012.

At 2260 meters the temperature was - 6 as of 06:00 Hrs. Winds were 5-20 KPH from the SSE. In the valley it was -4. No new snow recorded over night. Enjoy the sun with cloudy periods today as the next series of pacific frontal systems approach the coast. Precipitation will start Wednesday afternoon with accumulations of 5-8 cm by Thursday morning. By Friday morning we could see 15-20 cm. Freezing levels will fluctuate between 1200-1500 meters during these 2 days.

For the latest avalanche advisory: Advisory

From Pistehors.com: Gasex System

Basics Two Avalanche Awareness: From High Fives Foundation

Go to November 26 Th observations from Conny Amelunxen: ACMG blog Ariel Observations

Heuristic Traps: From Pistehors.com

Small slab off the North side of Decker.

Wind slab present SE side of Blackcomb Peak.

Surface Hoar in the Trees.

Thanks to Josh Poole for the photo of a slide off Mt Currie November 26, 2012.

Prime Rib Fracture Line November 26, 2012

Some information from Jerome David who was out touring yesterday:

Cruised over to Circle Lake and climbed back via Spearman Glacier to Corona today after i talked to you at Horstman.
Good skiing all around. The only evidence of the day,was maybe a sz 2 at around 2250 from the roll of the lower pitch of 9th hole left northwest aspect. Just above the col.
Looked like the early november facet layer from across the valley.
Climbing up around low angle rocky areas we had a large settlement on the south side of Spearman just above Circle Lake. It triggered when I reached the shallow upper end of big supported deposit area. 1m+ at its fattest and propagated far. It was just after lunch and we were getting baked by the Sun.
Sorry no photo, but right now Don't Swill has a good schrund open, still being skied though both sides, but with no fall zone.  2 large crevasses  on spearman to stay away from for a while.

Cold boot top powder