12 Nov 2012

Sunday November 11, 2012 snow begins to accumulate in the valley at 15:00 Hrs. Still looking dry for this week but the long term forecasts are now calling for heavy snow starting November 16, 2012.
At 2260 meters the temperature was -5 as of 07:00 Hrs. In the valley it was -2. 4 centimetres of snow fell in the past 17 hours at my location. At the weather station on Nesters Road the precip gauge registered 1.2 mils yesterday.

Snowmobiles and Avalanches, some great video of avalanches and a diagram with the anatomy of a slab avalanche: National Avalanche Centre

Often over the winter you will hear the term compression test, here is an explanation: Cam Campbell

From MEC, Snowpack testing: How to Videos

Time to start putting the bikes to bed and dust off the skis!!