10 Nov 2012

Temperatures in the valley are finally getting cold enough to make snow. This morning at 2260 meters the temperature was -15 as of 07:00 Hrs. In the valley it is -5. Looking at the models there are no big storms heading our way, luckily Whistler\Blackcomb has its snow factory pumping out the white stuff.

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Thanks to Tony Sittlinger for this information and pictures from a recent trip to the Blackcomb Glacier.

We did two ECT's. We got an ECTH on the first column under the November 5(?)
crust. We got an ECTN on the second test. There was a steep TG through the
obvious crust sandwich at the top of the pit wall, and we saw clearly
striated and square facet crystals under the upper crust layer which varied
from 1-3cm's in thickness. This November facet crust area is likely to get
weaker with the forecast temperatures expected over the next few days. The
temperature on the surface was -10, while the temperature below these two
crusts was -4, with the TG concentrated through the crust sandwich.


Failure Plane

Pit was about 1 meter, average depth of snow found on the wind lip of Blackcomb Glacier.

There are still many open crevasses.