16 Nov 2012

Whistler is opening for skiing tomorrow morning! The storm approaching is great timing but remember the last time you may have been on the mountain was last spring, conditions at this time are nothing like that. Pay attention to the ski area boundry and be safe!!!

The graph here shows the total precipitation expected in the next 8 days. The colours represent inches of precip. At 2260 meters the temperature was -7, in the valley the temperature was -1 as of 07:00 Hrs.
Freezing levels will fluctuate around the 1000-1200 meter level this weekend. 

The pacific frontal system arrives this evening giving us 5-10 centimetres by tomorrow morning, snow continues through Saturday with an additional 10-15 centimetres during the day, another 5-10 centimetres could fall by Sunday morning. Unfortunately, most of the moisture associated with this front is on a southerly track to Oregon and Northern California. 

The real danger here is that someone may die because single engine aircraft are not allowed to land at this very expensive helipad.

I can rant about this topic for a long time, but it appears that Vancouver Coastal Health and the Resort Municipality of Whistler, cannot come to terms and fix the much needed helicopter pad at the Whistler Clinic. For the people trying to rescue and fly patients to the clinic a single engine helicopter will more than likely be the tool they are using. At present only twin engine helicopters are allowed to land there. Here is a letter that was published in the local papers in January 2012, click here to view the letter, frustrated. I encourage all backcountry users and for that matter anyone using the ski hills for recreation to write letters to our MLA, Mayor , and the Administration of Vancouver Coastal Health. As a community we have to make a shift on this issue before someone does die.

There has been approximately 25 articles written on this subject in the local newspapers in the past 2 years. Go to the pique or question web site and search for yourself. Unbelievable that it is still where it is at?!!!

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