5 Dec 2012

December 4, 2012: Big winds, 150 KPH at the Horstman Hut yesterday morning. Eased off a bit but it was blustery through out the day.

At 2260 meters as of 06:00 the temperature was -10.5, Winds were 35-75 KPH from S. At 1650 meters the temperature was - 6.5, 8 cm of new snow recorded at 05:30, 14 cm in the past 24 hrs. In the valley it is 0. Expect some flurries this morning and cooler temperatures as we get into a north westerly flow. Possible 5-10 cm tonight but after yesterday, confidence is low.

Snowmobiler survives being buried: McCall, Idaho

Anyone caught or witness an avalanche please report it here: CAC Involvement Form

The Daily Avalanche Advisory: Updated Advisory

The Eight Avalanche Problems: From Verticulture

Thanks to Scott and Doug for the observations and picture off the Duffy above Steep Lake:

Sz 2.5 Na 160M x.35-.80 M Suspect 12-11-28 Surface Hoar West aspect above Steep Lake

Winds blew down many trees throughout the area yesterday!

This is what the satellite image looked like yesterday afternoon! Still a significant low! Most of the precipitation South of us.