18 Dec 2012

Great tree skiing yesterday, here is a picture of Phil, inspiring as always!

As of 06:00 this morning the temperature at 2260 meters was -16, winds were 10-20 KPH from the SSE.
At 1650 meters the temperature was -11, 3 cm of snow was recorded over night. In the valley it is -6.

Temperatures will be in the cooler range today, winds are expected to pick up 20-30 KPH from the SE, so at -16 with a 30 KPH wind the wind chill equates to -27. Bundle up and cover any exposed skin.

For the forecast we will see unsettled conditions with possible sunny breaks today as a cold upper trough moves through our zone. The storm for Wednesday is looking a little earlier, snow starting tonight and ramping up through out the day Wednesday into the early morning of Thursday. We presently have a very coastal snow pack which is very nice considering the issues we have had for the past 4 years at this time of the year.  So for snow guesstimates: 1-3 Today, 15-18 for Wednesday, 15-20 by Thursday morning, 5-8 for Thursday, 8-10 by Friday morning. Strong winds can be expected Wednesday. At this rate we could be experiencing one of the best Decembers ever.

For the updated local avalanche advisory: Advisory

Reports of natural 1.5 slides in our area during the storm Dec 16. Soft slabs were easily propagated after the wind picked up around 10:00 Hrs. The snow first thing yesterday morning was very low density right to the valley!!

A pruning saw is an important tool to carry around in the winter. I have had several different ones over the years. I like it to be long enough to do snow profiles and sharp enough to cut small trees if necessary. Landing a helicopter in tight areas can sometime require a little pruning. Have had some nice saws purchased at Lee Valley Tools. Here is a link from wild snow, a backcountry skiing blog with some info on pruning saws: Yearly Evaluation of saws.

News broadcast about avalanche danger on the North Shore: Grouse Mountain

From the Sierra Avalanche Centre, glad we do not have this issue: Observations

Hailstorm in Uganda: Natural Disasters

Danger rating at 4 in some European Resorts: Henry's Avalanche Talk

Verbier's off piste awareness lectures: At the pub
Sounds like a good idea.

Avalanche conditions hamper rescue effort near Grouse Mountain: Cold and Alone

Spanky's Ladder was a busy place with a very early opening yesterday morning. Approx 09:30