4 Dec 2012

Size 2 Xe out of Hi Test Lo Test , Size 1-2 Xe avalanches on both Whistler and Blackcomb from explosive testing yesterday.

At 2260 meters the temperature was -4.5 as of 06:00 hrs, winds were 90-150 KPH from the SE. At 1560 meters the temperature was -1.5, 21 cm of new snow recorded there this morning. In the valley it was +1.

Should see more snow during the day.(10-15) Winds will eventually taper. Freezing levels should drop tonight to 600 meters. Should see the sun by Saturday. The strong moist westerly flow will become north westerly by Wednesday. Possible 10-15 cm tonight with flurries tomorrow during the day.

For the updated avalanche advisory: Still high

Avalanche at Sun Valley: Bald Mountain

Highway crews prepare for winter: Mot

Hikers hit by avalanche in Spain: Garmo Negro Peak

KSL Capital Partners (Owners of Squaw\Alpine) acquires 23% interest in Whistler Blackcomb: 9,092,500 shares for 12.75 per share

Heard a story about 2 people standing on a cornice skiers left upper McKonkey's Chute, another person decided to walk out onto the cornice also and it collapsed with some rather large chunks. This event happened on Sunday. Here is a video on a cornice collapse, not for younger viewers: Funny how she did not like the swearing. Cornices are very fragile this time of the year and for that matter always, stay away from them. Many people have been killed by falling off cornices.

164 cm of snow in the past week as of December 4, 2012, more on the way!!

Enhanced photo of Hi Test Low Test after explosive testing. (Xe)