10 Dec 2012

Thanks to Richard So for this photo taken December 8, 2012. East Face of Cayoosh.

Still lots of crevasses around, this is the main section of the Rainbow Glacier. Taken December 8 Th

As of 06:00 at 2260 meters the temperature was - 6, winds were 15-35 KH from the SSW. At 1650 meters the temperature was - 5, a trace of new snow recorded over night, with a trace overnight. In the valley it is -2.

Expect mostly cloudy skies with some possible sunny breaks, from the weak high pressure system in our area today. A cold front moves in on Tuesday followed by an upper level trough which will give us drier weather for Wednesday. Several pacific fronts should move into the region for Thursday into the weekend. May see  flurries today, freezing level should rise but it certainly did not yesterday. Light snow will come  early Tuesday morning with 3-5 cm possible.

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Recall campaign-3+ Avalanche Transceiver:  Ortovox 3+

Thanks to Rob Withey for this photo:

Hi Wayne,
Was touring in the Marriot Basin today (Wendy Thompson hut) Took these
photos of glide cracks on the East aspect of the western ridge. Mitch did a
pit and I believe he will forward the data.


Thanks for the observations and pictures from Lee Lau:

From  121207

Nface Chief P. 30 - 50cms ski pen.  HS 220cms at ridgeline 1900m. No wind affect to speak of. Enough coverage to ski out comfortably all the way to valley bottom.   Cloudy skies with periods of sun.  No wind.  

Visibility limited at times

21208 - N face Pascall from W side.  Ski pen 10 -20cms.  Some w/s on W and SW facing aspects at ridgeline at 1900-2000m.  No w/s btl.    HS 30-50 at ridge.  Just below ridge to windward HS 180 - 210cms.  Beginnings of some WS on true N facing slopes right off saddle run below Pascall summit.  0.5-1mm SH above TL

No wind.  Visibility pretty much unlimited.

We will have to be as patient as the Heron for some more fun. (snow)