20 Dec 2012

Yesterday at 16:00 hours it was snowing 5 centimetres per hour. In this picture you can make out a combination of stellars and graupel from the snow falling around 13:00 hrs. To learn more about graupel click here: Wikipedia

At 2260 meters the temperature was - 8.5, winds were 40-70 KPH from the SSE. At 1650 meters the temperature was -4, 50 cm of new snow was recorded at that elevation as of 05:45. In the valley it is -2 and snowing lightly. Maximum gust yesterday was at 13:00 hrs and was recorded at 105 KPH from the ESE. With the combination of that wind and 3+ centimetres an hour snowfall, the Glacier Express was closed due to lack of skier traffic and rapid reloading of the start zones around that time. 30-40 cm slabs were building quickly with the lack of skier compaction.

For the forecast we can expect snow into the afternoon and the winds should abate. The low off the coast will push the moist unsettled air mass through our area sometime today.  Another 15-20 cm is possible for today depending on the movement of this air mass. Friday should see unsettled conditions into the weekend with light snow, sunny breaks, and no shortage of clouds. Saturday is looking mostly cloudy. Cloudy and  cold weather will be here by Monday into Christmas Day. Quesstimates: Friday 3-5 Saturday 8-10 Sunday 4-6

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From 14:30 hours to 16:15  hours yesterday 9 cm fell. When it is snowing 5+ cm per hour life is good!!!

The valley is looking a lot like Christmas!

Found this on Face Book. Old Man Winter is certainly in our area.