2 Jan 2013

    A beautiful New Year's  Day with some great views, excellent conditions and warm temperatures.

    Another great sunrise again yesterday morning.

At 2260 meters the temperature was -1.5, winds were 20-45 KPH form the ESE. At 1650 meters the temperature was -2, no new snow recorded. In the valley it is -9.

For the forecast we can expect unsettled conditions until the high strengthens one more time for latter this morning. A couple of weak fronts are moving towards us. We could see 3 cm of snow by Friday morning, some flurries for early Saturday morning with snow up to 6-8 cm by Saturday Afternoon.

For the updated local avalanche advisory:  ADVISORY

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   Some nice colour in yesterdays sunset.

    Two people standing on the south buttress of Blackcomb Peak.

High cirrus clouds slipped into our area on Tuesday afternoon.

For the definition of cirrus clouds click here: Wikipedia.org

Thanks to Josh Poole for this shot of an avalanche on Mount Iago taken yesterday.

Looks to be down to the summer firn.

For a definition of firn: Wikipedia