12 Jan 2013

Cool colours at sunrise yesterday!

At 2280 meters the temperature was -13, winds were 15-25 KPH from the NNE. At 1650 meters the temperature is -14, no new snow. In the valley it is -15.

For the forecast there is very little change in the weather for quite a while. Worried that an Omega Block might establish itself, which means no precip for a long time. Some clouds will filter into our area today.

The snow pack is going through some major changes as the cold temperatures persist. More changes will occur when the freezing levels rise for Tuesday.

Any pictures from avalanches occurring in the next few days would be greatly appreciated as I am resting my swollen toes in the sand for a few days. Observations from the Duffy would be great also.

For the updated avalanche advisory: Blackcomb Snow Safety

Two men OK after triggering an avalanche in Providence Canyon, UT.: Snowmobilers

Heavy snowfall in the Rockies: Considerable Risk

M 60 Tank used for avalanche control: Steven's Pass

2 people found after Iranian Avalanche: Asagi Kayalar Village

Photo taken from Don't Swill Cull, slide triggered by two tourers. Appeared to be a .80 meter crown.
Taken from an I Phone hard to see but follow the debris on the lake! Photo:  Frank Zole

Mr Rime

Looks great, but it is a permanently closed area, know where you are going, be sure you are not violating the rules.

Nearing the end of the day, January 11, 2013. Snow quality was not as good as January 10, but the weather was spectacular and conditions were awesome.

Fresh out of cyber world, picture and observations from slide below Guide's Notch Yesterday.

I have been seeing more and more tracks in this start zone. Last week,  I was making boot pack with skis on pack, a guest asked me why i was not using the existing skin track right in that
start zone. Well here we have it, same aspect and same reloaded condition as last year when Chris Laurence pooped out a size 1.5 heading to the guides notch. From Jerome David

Myself and ASG Cecelia Mortenson were skiing in the Blackcomb Backcountry today.  We got more than we bargained for considering the lines we’d previously skied and the other skier activity in the region.
The 2350-2050m south facing alpine line in the Circle Glacier region was reasonably supported, especially in the upper slope.  A soft wind slab was present from the recent reverse North and East winds.   Temps remained cold (-10 to-15) but solar radiation was present.  The first skier descended the line with no issues.  The second skier  triggered a size 1 slow moving slab in 28-32 degree supported terrain.  This thin soft wind slab propagated 40 m across the slope into steeper unsupported terrain.  The first slide’s debris triggered a second slide – Size 2-2.5 - on the lower slope with a crown of 1.2m.  No profile was done at either crowns – but a sun crust / Fc / SH? is suspected from 130104.  A test profile in the lower track at 2075, produced CTM (12) on SH sz 5 130104 down 75cm.  Above the SH was 35cm of 1F, 30cm 4F, and 15cm F snow.
A photo is attached. 
Take care on shallow south facing slopes that appear fatter with the recent reverse loading – and keep an eye out for SH even in the alpine.
Eric Vezeau ASG
250 814 3403