9 Jan 2013

Early yesterday morning before the snow started. Making snow on Schoolmarm.

At 2280 meters the temperature was -8, winds were 30-40 KPH from the S. At 1650 meters the temperature was - 4, 32 cm of new snow fell there overnight. In the valley it is +1.

For the forecast the front will exit our area sometime this morning. Unsettled conditions will prevail for the day with less cloud tomorrow bringing sunny skies as a strong high amplitude ridge with a dry northerly flow parks itself in our zone. Possible flurry this morning with a chance the sun may pop out later today. There is the possibility of some furies on Saturday.

For the updated local avalanche advisory : Blackcomb Snow Safety

Had a report of a size 1.5 skier release in  West Bowl , uninjured and recovered their skis. January 7, 2013

Man injured in avalanche on Vancouver Island: 4 people caught in an avalanche

Very Lucky Climbers survive an avalanche on a waterfall: Two Climbers Involved

Toddler falls 8 storeys: Survives due to snow

Should airbag packs be required: From Earnyourturns

Beautiful stellars were accumulating at about 5 cm an hour at times yesterday!

The early snowfall was unsupportive of those that fell later!!

Crossing Fitzsimmons Creek after rescuing two snowboarders who ventured into the creek below the
Seventh Heaven Chair, its a long slog out!

There was 40 cm of fresh snow in the Fitzsimmons creek by 16:30 yesterday.

Equally as much in Pemberton as well!!