21 Jan 2013

Enough of these magnificent sun rises, we need snow falling from the sky obscuring all this colour. Jan 20, 2013.

At 2260 meters the temperature was +1, winds were 0-10 KPH from the WSW. At 1650 meters the temperature was +.5, no new snow. In the valley it was -9. Observations taken at 06:00 hours.

For the forecast yet another day like all the other days in the past week. Stars are out this morning so there is a good chance it will be mostly sunny skies today.  The strong ridge of high pressure is still looking like it will make an exit on Tuesday. A weak front will give us a few centimetres early Wednesday morning, moderate snowfall on Wednesday with the possibility of 10-15 centimetres by Thursday morning. Light snow on Thursday (2-4) with moderate snowfall on Friday into early Saturday morning (8-10).

For the updated avalanche forecast: Blackcomb Snow Safety

29 Year old German dies in an avalanche on Sunday: Bernese Oberland

Avalanche deaths down across the province this season: Global BC

Update on Scottish Avalanche: Tragic Story

Five killed in avalanches in Himachal Pradesh: Northern India

Some interesting rescues from Europe: Pistehors.com

Skier dies in French Alps Avalanche: Savoie, France

Avalanche Awareness Days on Blackcomb a big success.

Looking cold and cloudy in Pemberton yesterday.

Some great cloud formations from yesterday.

Thanks to Jerome David for this photo taken from Sproat Mountain:

Looking North from the top of Whistler Mountain.