20 Jan 2013

Looking south from the top of Whistler Mountain,  another day with predominatley cirrus clouds in the sky.

Still lots of sun and some great views.

At 2260 meters the temperature was +1, winds were 10-20 KPH from the W. At 1650 meters the temperature was +1.5, no new snow recorded there. In the valley it was -6. Observations taken at 06:00.

For the forecast , deja veu, the high pressure and inverted temperatures are still here until Tuesday. Still looking for a minor front to push through Tuesday evening with 5-8 cm by Wednesday morning. A cold front on Tuesday evening should finally push the strong upper level ridge out of our area.

For the updated avalanche advisory: Whistler Snow Safety

Four climbers killed in an avalanche: Scottish highlands

Record snow in Russia: The Extinction Protocol

Kirkwood's Avalanche Page: Avalanche Conditions

Snow cripples life in Himachal: Northern India

Avalanche awareness days on Blackcomb during the weekend. Come by for a tour and talk to the ski patrol about avalanches. Location is just at the top of the solar coaster.

Some great artistic talent on Whistler Mountain.

The cold temperatures have preserved the valley snow. Great conditions at the lower elevations.

An August 109 does a fly by to everyone's delight past the Rendevous Restraunt.

Yesterday ended with some great light in the alpine.