11 Jan 2013

 Slab release on Jump for Joy, explosive control work. There was some epic skiing yesterday. A few size 2 explosive control releases on unskied steep terrain within the ski area boundary. Numerous size 1 to 1.5 soft slab releases outside the ski area boundary yesterday.

At 2280 meters the temperature is -18, winds are 10-20 KPH form the NNE. At 1650 meters the temperature is -14, no new snow to report. In the valley it is -16. Observations taken at 06:00 Hrs.

The maximum gust last night was 80 KPH. With the consistent strong winds in the past 24 hours there is some significant reverse loading in the alpine.

For the forecast we can expect sunny skies today with cool temperatures . The air mass will change on Monday, as the freezing levels begin to rise for a few days. The high amplitude upper ridge off shore will slowly move towards us and keep us dry until at least next Thursday. There is a front to the north of the ridge but models suggest it will have no impact on this very strong ridge of high pressure. Some clouds may sneak into the mix over the next few days.

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Size 1's reported in the Duffy.

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The winds remained at 40-60 KPH from the North all day yesterday, as well as the -16 temperatures through out the day.

There were many good turns to be had yesterday, the best part was there was very few skiers compared to the day before, with much better conditions in the upper elevations.

A size 1 avalanche can certainly knock you down if you are not ready for it. This skier was outside the ski area boundary on DOA.

3-4 mil stellar's mixed in with some graupel made for some sweet turns yesterday.

For the definition of grapple, click here: Wikipedia