13 Jan 2013

Sunrise January 12, 2013. A special time of the day for me!!

At 2280 meters the temperature was -11, winds were 10-25 KPH form the SSE. At 1650 meters the temperature was -10, no new snow over night. In the valley it is -15. Observations taken at 06:00 Hrs.

For the forecast we can see sunny skies and a gradual trend to warmer temperatures in the alpine. Still expecting the freezing level to rise tomorrow evening. Possible for some stratus clouds to develop. Increased clouds tomorrow afternoon. Still no indication when this high will break down.

For the updated local avalanche advisory:  Blackcomb Snow Safety

Rescuers find missing climbers on Elbrus: Causus Mountains

Women rescued from avalanche goes to hospital with head injury: Utah News

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Killer landslide hits South West China Village: CNN

Euro Skiers are dangerous: Unofficalnetworks.com

Colorado courts grappling with inbounds avalanche deaths: Two Judges, two conclusions

Alyeska Snow Pack : Instability
Thanks to Glenn Peck for forwarding this article!!

From Lee Lau, picture and observations from Rohr, January 11, 2013:
Rohr blower pow in the sun today. Faceshots from 2250 - 1200m. Insanely good and stable. Some settlements below treeline where surf hoar preserved. Stability good. No wind.  Afternoon some winds light from SE, Guaranteed Rugged skin track in.  -12 in sun at ridgetop.  -18 in valley in morning in shade.  HST 60cms+ fist

Observations 7 photos from Joffre Lakes by Sharon Bader:

We skied Rohr yesterday, Joffre Lakes today.

Contractors have not cleared the Joffre lot in 4 days! We brought shovels to dig ourselves a spot.

Rohr - Good Snow, 30cm ski pen breaking trail on the skin up. Some sun affect despite cold temperatures.  -12 temps all day pretty much at all elevations. We did have whumpfing and a remote crack at about 1300 m on the skin up. Lots of people skiing Rohr on Friday. Snow was very stable.

Joffre Lakes - -12 and much colder then Rohr since we had no sun all day. N and NE facing slopes in the open from 2350m to 1800m had wind affect. Best snow was in the trees. Heartstrings skied well probably since it was more protected during the last wind events. Ski out at Joffre is good, good snow all the way down.

Storm snow sluffing.
Lots of hoar frost at 1500 Meters

Sastrugi at 2400 meters.

For the definition of sastrugi: Wikipedia

Sunset January 12, 2013. Tofino was a great place to be today, could not believe all the similarities; surfing and skiing.

Just because you are first out does not guarantee good turns!!

There are lots of signs letting you know of the dangers!

The sunsets are killer!