4 Jan 2013

    The near country is thrashed, we need some new snow!!!

    Another picture perfect day, great snow, warm temperatures in the alpine and some great grooming.

    The front eventually arrived later in the day with clouds slowly taking over.

At 2280 meters the temperature was -6, winds were 15-25 KPH from the ESE. At 1650 meters the temperature was -3.5, 2 cm of new snow recorded over night. In the valley it is -5. 

For the forecast expect unsettled weather for today as a weak front enters our area giving us a chance of some sun later today. Dry conditions over night , tomorrow another weak front will slide into our area with some precipitation but the front is weakening and amounts will be low. Still on the fence with regards to snow amounts but it is looking good for next week. Cool wet weather looks like it is here Monday through to Friday. Quesstimates; Saturday 3-5 Early Sunday Morning 3-5 Monday 1-3 Tuesday 5-8 Early Wednesday Morning 10-15

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From Josh Poole, Taken at 6200 feet above Seton Portage, growing surface hoar. 

I had taken a few pictures of surface hoar below tree line on Blackcomb yesterday!

Snow mushrooms still very evident in the valley. The trees in the alpine are very green after the past 2 days with the warm inverted temperatures. Tree bombs on the ground are firm in the usual tree skiing areas. 

Cornices can be temperamental after a warming trend, especially when they have had the right winds and temperatures to make them fairly large for this time of the year.  The shot from Ioga the other day is an indication of how large and fragile they are. 

Another great sunset again yesterday, the weather has been great , we are lucky!!

Unusual cloud at sunset last night, not a contrail!! Any guesses? Found out it was a contrail!