6 Jan 2013

The snow in the valley is still very well preserved. The inversion changed the alpine but not the valley!!

As of 06:00 Hrs the temperature at 2280 meters was-9, winds were 30-50 KPH from the S. At 1650 meters the temperature was -5, 8 cm of new snow fell there over night. In the valley it is 0.

The winds last night maxed out at 80 KPH, pretty much southerly all night, should see a slight change in the loading pattern as we have been getting mostly SE winds for a while.

For the forecast we can expect drier and unsettled conditions for today. Light snow and unsettled for Monday. A wetter and stronger system will bring moderate snow amounts to Whistler for Tuesday. Unsettled again for Wednesday with light precip amounts. A cool and drier north westerly flow will affect our region for Thursday.  Guesstimates: 4-6 Today, 4-6 for Monday morning, 3-5 Monday, 4-8 by Tuesday morning, 18-25 Tuesday, 8-10 by Wednesday Morning, 3-5 Wednesday, 3-5 by Thursday morning. Amounts will be adjusted accordingly as conditions change but confidence is good.

For the updated local avalanche advisory: AVALANCHE ADVISORY

Avalanche Info Center issues report on Fatal Snowmass Slide: Aspen Times

A Perspective on Approaching Risk: Kim Kircher.com

Some interesting videos of people discussing various avalanche topics: Sportgevity

New Program in the French Alps: Avalanche Safety and Mountain Awareness

I do not agree with this article, there are many more variables involved in these sorts of predictions, may be ok for the East Coast but I feel the West Coast is a different Beast: Pique Magazine

We have a similar situation in our area as they are in this discussion, way too many people going into the back country without the proper gear or training. Its more important to be videoing your experience rather than getting the right gear and learning how to deal with your experience: Pistehors.com

Two Italian Skiers buried in an Avalanche: Fiemme Valley

Some observations from the Duffy from Lee Lau:

Temps - 1.7 @ 1850m

Winds light at ridgetop from SE. HST 10cms at ridgetop, 15cms below ridgetop on NE slopes.

Hasty pits - new snow well bonded on decomposing stellars. No results on hastys or ski cuts.

Tree bombs are a current major hazard

More shots of the snow in the valley:

Great shot from Jerome David, the Rainbow Hiking Trail Bridge:

Over the past month the snow has morphed into many different shapes.

Lots of snow being moved around yesterday by the variable winds.