30 Jan 2013

The sunrise and moon set was very spectacular yesterday morning. Very happy to be able to experience it.

At 2280 meters the temperature was -7, winds were 15-30 KPH from the S.  At 1650 meters the temperature was -3.5, trace of new snow was recorded there. In the valley it was 0. Observations taken at 06:00.

For the forecast expect similar conditions as yesterday only in reverse order. Unsettled conditions will prevail until Friday. Dry northwest flow aloft will continue to give us unsettled weather. An upper level ridge will arrive for Friday and Saturday. Some flurries may occur today.  Light snow forecasted for Sunday and Monday.

Both Friday and Saturday are still looking ok for the Peak to Valley race. Freezing level could go up to 2400 meters on Saturday.

For the update local avalanche advisory: Whistler Snow Safety

Another article on airbags: Scientific America

Largest wave ever surfed: Portugal

Avalanche Alert for Western Montana: Considerable

Update on Wyoming Skiers killed in Avalanches: Traumatic Injuries
An air bag would probably not have helped.

Avalanche Warning issued for the Cascades: Seattle Times

Had the pleasure of skiing with a crew of Greasers, who skied together in Northern New Brunswick 40 years ago!!

Yesterday, the morning light was fantastic!! Later in the day it was less than desirable!

If you were willing to look for it there was some decent powder turns to be had in the wind deposited areas.

Lots of spindrift in the morning and early afternoon.

A wind skin was developing early in the morning.

By the end of the day it started to break up again and there were some bright moments!!

Thanks to Graeme Howland for this reference, Silver Cascade Falls in Colorado. Sharpen those edges!!