8 Feb 2013

07:30 yesterday morning it was snowing 3 cm per hour. 6 cm fell in just over 2 hours.

The wind was howling, the conditions variable but if you knew where the snow was it was worth the effort!!!

At 2284 meters the temperature was -11, winds were dead calm. At 1650 meters the temperature was -7, 1 cm of new snow recorded overnight, 11 cm in 24 hours and 21 cm in 48 hours. In the valley it was -5. Observations taken at 06:00.

For the forecast we can expect the dreaded omega block to establish itself for an undetermined amount of time. The models are predicting a week, but I would not place any bets, along with this erratic weather pattern is uncertainty. Hopefully we get lots of snow in March!!?? &  maybe April. Sunshine is the predominant factor for the next while with some unsettled conditions possible, looks like we may see some flurries on Tuesday.

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There was certainly some wind effected snow yesterday, 40-60 KPH winds with gusts up to 80 from the south tend to make it look like this.

Yesterday was interesting weather wise, a huge hole was over our area yesterday morning, the clouds surrounding that hole were very active with electrical activity. The upper lifts were delayed because of the electrical activity.

The lower part of the mountain had some great skiing and snow conditions yesterday.

Advection by days end as the high begins to take over the weather pattern for the next week and possibly beyond.