19 Feb 2013

Signs , signs , everywhere there are signs, We want it to dump!!! Nice to see some fresh snow yesterday. Hopefully its time to switch the flow and we will get the pow we like!!

If we get lucky on Friday we could be getting some real snow!!

At 2284 meters the temperature was -11, winds were 10-20 KPH from the N. At 1650meters there were 2 cm of new snow, 4 cm in the past 24 hours, the temperature was -9. In the valley it was -4 and the stars are out. Observations taken at 06:00 Hrs. .

For the forecast the transient ridge will give us mostly sunny skies for today into Wednesday morning. We are still in a dry northwest flow. Change should occur on Wednesday afternoon as a series of systems descend upon us from the Gulf of Alaska. There appears to be a more continuous stream of moisture associated with the alternating short wave ridges and troughs. Still a good chance of a split flow for Friday pushing most of the precipitation to the south. Flurries beginning Wednesday evening, light snow Thursday (2-4 cm) with moderate snow on Friday (15-20 cm) drying trend for Saturday with more snow on the way for Sunday.

For the updated local  avalanche advisory: Blackcomb Snow Safety

Nice article on the importance of avalanche dogs, the thing to remember here is that if you cannot self rescue your partner the dog will likely be great to recover your body. If you do not have the gear and the knowledge how to use it the dog will not do you much good unless all the stars are aligned and the dog team can respond quickly to your situation. Avalanche Dogs

French Court set to Ban British Ski Hosts: The Telegraph

Slab avalanche takes TGR'S Co-Founder over large cliff: Unofficalnetworks

Avalanche Survivor; Goggles were Ripped Off, Mouth was full of Snow: Aropahoe Basin

Brain Injuries decrease with skier Helmets on rise: KKCO News

From Nick Gobin, some insight into the incident that happened on Fissile Sunday, would be nice to here the story from those involved:

Hi Wayne,
Just wanted to forward some info to you. Myself and a friend skiied the N Face of Fissile yesterday; We skiied the Elevator and Saddle Chute and snow conditions were good though visibility was variable. Towards the end of the day (~4:00pm) we came across a party of two that had an avalanche incident and yelled for help. The party of 2 were skiing Fissile NE face, and as they were traversing above the cliff band at the bottom to rejoin the NW face they triggered a sz1 windslab (estimated by me from a distance). One of the two was swept over a cliff and lost a ski that took some time to recover. He was VERY fortunate to not sustain any injuries going over the rocky cliff.
The interesting twist to the story was that they yelled for help before we reached them. Apparently someone on the Overlord Gl. heard them and phoned SAR, a heli with patrollers showed up ~40mins later looking to help as we were all skinning out past the Russet Lake Hut. I was very impressed with the response, but kind of confused why someone would call SAR after hearing cries for help but not go and assist them themselves.
Anyways, just a tidbit for the blog. Love reading it and the good info it provides. Thanks!!!
- Nick Gobin

Some avalanche's from the past:

Thanks to Lukas Machan for submitting these pictures and intel:

Hi Wayne,
I am sending you pictures of a small avalanche I was caught in on Sunday February 16th in the area below Phalanx Glacier. It happened at a steep part at the end of the run before skinning left towards the Poop chutes. There is a lot of snow that has been blown on the hard packed snow in this area .I dropped in between two rocks at the top,as soon as I dropped in all the snow just started sliding down.Luckily I was pushed on the rock on skiers right and able to stop myself from going all the way down and stayed uninjured.


We are lucky to ski in an area which takes injuries so serious!!!

Still thinking that the snow will be coming soon. Has been great that so much snow making is available in these dry winter cycles. The skiing has been phenomenal considering how dry it has been.  Grooming and snow making are certainly nice to have in the overall success of our resort.

Nice to see the snow in the trees in the valley again, makes it feel like winter rather than spring.

Even the Whiskey Jack sculpture was being snowed on.