15 Feb 2013

The Automated Guns are still making snow, early yesterday morning, great that temperatures are still cold enough to make snow!

Even first thing in the morning there was a thin window for the sun to light up a wee bit of the horizon.

At 2284 meters the temperature was -2, winds were 10-20 KPH from the S. At 1650 meters the temperature was -2, a trace of new snow was recorded there with 2 cm in the past 24 hours. In the valley it was 0. Observations taken at 06:00 Hrs.

For the forecast we are in a continuous cycle of grey sun grey sun!! Time for a change but unfortunately mother nature is not co-operating. We will see a series of weak disturbances come through our area in a moist north westerly flow for the next few days. We may get 2 sunny days in a row next Tuesday & Wednesday. For today the high pressure aloft and at the surface will give us dried unsettled conditions, later this evening a fast moving upper level trough may give us some snow for tomorrow morning. Hard to make a guess at amounts, going out on a limb here and saying 5-10 cm is possible by tomorrow afternoon.

For the updated local avalanche advisory: Whistler Mountain Snow Safety

Scotland Avalanche Buries Three, Two Deceased: Chalamain Gap, Ciarngorms

Report says New Hampshire avalanche could have been avoided: Mount Washington

Third Avalanche victim raises ski safety issues: Switzerland

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Still dumping in the Pyrenees: France

More rime formation from Wednesday Night.

It was snowing during a training session yesterday. 1 cm fell at 1550 meters and 2 cm was recorded at 1650 meters.

Yesterday afternoon there was the potential for a great sun set but it did not open up enough.

Ipsoot was looking good.

Here is what it looked like from space.