3 Feb 2013

There was some cirrus cloud around yesterday , but for the most part it was another beautiful day in the Coast Range.

Awesome conditions for the Peak to Valley Race.

At 2284 meters the temperature was -4, winds were 15-30 KPH from the SSE. Max temp there yesterday was +1. At 1650 meters the present temperature was -.5, no new snow. The max temp there yesterday was +5.5. In the valley it is -1. Max temp there yesterday was +5.5. Observations taken at 06:00 Hrs.

For the forecast we will see cloudy skies today as a weak front passes through our area into Monday with a Northwesterly flow. Expect a few flurries tonight and tomorrow. A much more active front will bring moderate to heavy snow early Tuesday morning into Thursday. Looks like an offshore upper  ridge of high pressure will bring a drying trend for Friday into Saturday. The GFS model is showing a split in the flow for Tuesday-Wednesday, but the European and Canadian models are looking at a fairly active system; For the guesstimates I am going with the more positive models. Tuesday 15-20 cm, Wednesday 20-30 cm, Thursday 15-20 cm. Hope the models do not change too much because this is exactly what we need!!!

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Surface hoar were loving the conditions again yesterday.

Congratulations to Team:  Capital Home Energy, Luke Dolan, Clay Dolan, Julia Murray, and Davey Barr for the fastest time in the Peak to Valley Race. (just a bit stacked)

Thanks to Chris Trull for these photos and observations from the Duffy: January 29-30

I thought I would share my observations from the last two days skiing at steep creek.

We skied mainly TL and BLT both days. First day we observed a natural size 2 coming down from the steep spines at the top of steep peak. I dug a pit in BTL, E aspect and got CT 12 RP down 30cm, the rest of the pack was uncreative. I dug another pit at TL W aspect and got CT 20 RP down 30cm, again the rest of the snow pack was uncreative. On the second day we saw a size 1 that had released from a convex micro feature on an E aspect slope in the alpine.

We predominantly skied W aspect slopes (windward). The skiing was on 30cm of fresh and blower. Face shots were had every turn and the sun was out- what more can i say! The steeper lines we skid came with heavy sluffing that traveled far and fast. All in all a great trip with excellent snow.


Chris Trull