26 Feb 2013

When it snows the skier's/rider's will come. Conditions were excellent yesterday.

There were some size 1 avalanches released yesterday by ski cutting and through the use of explosives. Heard the Hanging Roll on Whisitler went size 2 with explosives.

At 2284 meters the temperature was -11, winds were 15-30 KPH from the SSE.  Light winds there all night. At 1650 meters the temperature was -8, no new snow over night with 4 cm in the past 24 hours. In the valley it is -1. Observations were taken at 06:00 Hrs.

The North West flow will continue to give us unsettled conditions with a series of weak frontal bands and even the possibility of the occasional sunny break over the next few days. Should see increasing mid level and high clouds for today. A large upper level ridge will be establishing itself south of us this week. A series of cold fronts and warm fronts are on their way. For the guesstimates: Flurries today, 5-8 cm by tomorrow morning, Flurries tomorrow1-2 cm, flurries Thursday, 10-15 cm for Friday by 14:30 with moderate snow into Saturday morning, light snow for Saturday.

For the local updated avalanche advisory: Whistler Mountain Snow Safety Department

Party caught in avalanche in Revelstoke were wearing avalanche air bags: Greeley Bowl

CAF sets up memorial fund for women in avalanche research: Cora Shea Memorial Fund

RCMP confirm two skiers okay after overnight stay in backcountry: Ymir Peak

Yellowstone winter-use plan seeks compromise on snowmobile travel in park: Cody, Wyo

Managing Avalanche Risk in a complex snowpack: BCA

Reports of an avalanche on Brohm Ridge yesterday, snowmobiler buried but dug out by partner.

Still looking for ideas on establishing some guidelines on Etiquette in the backcountry, any comments are welcome.

 Also looking for input on the parking issue on the Duffy Lake Road. Does anyone have pictures of lots of cars parked on the road. Do we need more parking areas? Has the Joffre parking lot been ploughed?

Snow stake at Callaghan Lodge just broke 3 meters. Yesterday they recorded 32 cm in 12 hours.

Sun Crust at 2000 meters west to south aspect. Firm snow stripped crust!

The snow became very moist with the solar radiation and warming temperatures. Even above the tree line the snow became moist .

Cool wind feature from the howling winds on the Horstman Glacier.

Picture from yesterday afternoon.

Lots of moisture out in the Northern Pacific.

A warm front begins to move into our area for Thursday into Friday. Freezing levels will get up to 1500 meters.