28 Feb 2013

Yesterday morning, ski cutting produced some isolated soft wind slabs. In sheltered areas there was some knee deep powder.  Another unsettled day.

First light yesterday morning.

At 2284 meters the temperature was -8, winds were 5-15 KPH from the N. At 1650 meters the temperature was -7, 2 cm new snow overnight. In the valley it was -2. Observations taken at 06:00 Hrs.

For the forecast we will see a dull day with some light snow during the day until it ramps up this evening, when a strong Pacific warm front enters our area. The warm front will hang around until Saturday until a cold front and its upper trough enter our area into Sunday morning . Guesstimates for today are 5-8 cm by 14:30 today, 10-15 by tomorrow morning; Friday we could see 10-15 during the day with a further  20-25 cm by Saturday morning. 10-15 Saturday during the day with a further 8-12 by Sunday morning, After that it looks like it might dry out a bit with unsettled weather . There is a good chance it may be mostly sunny on Monday. The wild card in this scenario is the freezing level which could get as high as 1800 meters Friday night slowly going back to about 800 meters by Saturday Night.

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Hi Wango

Here is something for backcountry etiquette. 
The first Two photo's attached show the results of a cornice dropped from Twin One couloir last Tuesday around mid day.
A party was Heli-dropped near Matier and worked their way to this spot.
Our party was not far away planing to skirt the runout zone of the cornice and tour up Twin One Glacier lookers left of the slide.
This event sped up our decision of not going up there, we later found out that this was a human triggered cornice drop.

I would like take this opportunity and put the word out to the public; be mind full of busy ski touring areas. This spot is near Cerise Creek and the Flavelle Hut. There is much traffic in that area if cornices are used for slope tests, have a spotter to make sure you wont hit anyone. 
We were only 20min from potentially being under that.

Thanks Jerome

There were moments when the heavier bottom part of the cloud made it hard to see if you were coming out of the valley.

For the most part the little snow we did get was wind pressed, yesterday.

Someone else skinning up the Poop Chutes, hope you do not try this when the hazard is slightly different, look around at all those little trees, big avalanches can occur in this area and have!!?

In the morning there was some nice light.