25 Feb 2013

Yet more stratus clouds in the valley with little precipitation associated with the warm front yesterday. That changed around 16:00 hours when the snow started to accumulate. The cold front last night gave us variable snow amounts depending on where the clouds deposited the snow. 18 cm at Pig Alley plot compared to 11 cm at the Catskinner plot. Would be interesting to know how much it snowed in the Callaghan.

The big ball in the sky once again showed up in the afternoon.

At 2284 meters the temperature -9, winds were 55-75 KPH from the SSE. Max gusts there last night were 100 KPH.  At 1650 meters the temperature was -5, 18 cm of snow fell over night at that elevation, 11 cm at 1550 meters on Blackcomb. In the valley it was snowing and the temperature was 0. We could see 3-5 more cm before the systems tapers to flurries.

For the forecast the cold front will exit our area and a very weak ridge may give us a few sunny breaks later in the afternoon but it may remain cloudy all day. The warm front yesterday did give us 2 cm during the day at 1550 meters. The cool moist onshore flow associated with the vigorous cold front served us well. There is a chance of a weak ridge for Wednesday but its unlikely. It appears that a progressive pattern of frontal systems will be upon us this week as the North West flow aloft continues. Still calling for 10-15 on March 1 with more snow early Saturday morning(15-20).
Light snow and unsettled conditions for the next few days until Friday when the fronts ramp up !!

For the local updated avalanche advisory: Whistler Mountain Snow Safety

1 Person buried alive in an avalanche: Jammu-Srinigar, India

Officials urge back-country caution after skier deaths: Canada.com

From the CAC, for the south coast region : High Hazard
Local forecasters have the hazard at considerable.

More activity in Jammu & Kashmir Area: 4 Hunters rescued

Avalanches in Montana, pictures of recent activity: GNFAC

Thanks to Richard So for these photos and intel:

I was touring around Paul Ridge today. First photo is a natural off the northwest side of Round Mountain. Second photo is a natural on low angle terrain below the jeep road on the north side. Interesting punchy skiing, with upside-down snow on both north and south aspects with graupel on top.  



Intel from the Duffy:

Photo from yesterday. Sz 2 Sr (20m) SSL 60X.4-.6m, ran 600m. Failure plane confirmed as 130220 SH 6mm.

It would appear that conditions on the Duffy are much different than around Whistler\Blackcomb, but if you venture even over into the Callaghan or Ipsoot Area conditions will be much different. 

The moisture from the SW flow is doing its thing, picture taken from yesterday afternoon.