20 Mar 2013

Seven people who were involved in an avalanche behind Husume-Corona yesterday afternoon. The avalanche was set off by a ski tourer above them while they were preparing to climb up slope from their location at the bottom of the slide path. 

Two individuals were partially buried while two were fully buried. One individual was uncovered, not breathing on his own and blue, after clearing the snow out of his mouth he began to breath on his own.
Luckily everyone will board another day. 

The deepest part of the fracture line can be seen on this steep rocky terrain. The deepest section is almost 2 meters. The size of the avalanche would be a 2.5.

   Upper section of fracture line.   

    Bottom of the debris.                                                                                                         

A photo from Mike Hamilton taken from Sham Chutes.

At 2240 meters the temperature was - 5, winds were 45-70 KPH from the ESE. At 1650 meters the temperature was -1.5, 18 cm of new snow fell there over night. In the valley it is 0. Observations taken at 06:00 Hrs. 

For the forecast we will see continued snow throughout the day as a Strong Pacific Storm System slides south of our area. The warm front associated with this storm will pass through our area this morning giving way to a cold front  which will lower the alpine temperatures. A cool and unstable air mass will bring unsettled weather  for Thursday into Friday then a weak ridge of high pressure will develop for the weekend with a cool Northwest flow aloft. Guesstimates Today by 14:30 10-15 cm Thursday morning 3-5 cm  Thursday Day 2-4 cm Friday morning 1-3 cm Friday possible flurry

For the local updated avalanche advisory: Blackcomb Snow Safety

Posted this article a few weeks ago but several people have alerted me to it, here it is again.  I think there is a place for airbags, they are just a tool like your transceiver. However they are not life jackets and everyone has to be aware of ABB (Air Bag Bravery). Another issue that has surfaced this winter, is that they have to be put on properly, ie:  leg loops are there for a reason. A recent incident where the air bag was deployed but the wearer did not have his leg loops done up may have resulted in his death after being buried. 
Bruce Temper Article on Air Bags

Avalanche Forecaster Tim Brown talks about common mistakes: Outside Magazine

Skier's body recovered from Alberta Crevasse: Wapta Traverse

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Yesterday morning looked like the weather would change!

Looking north the clouds were making a presence.

By the afternoon the clouds became thicker and it started to snow lightly around 16:00 Hrs.

Our zone yesterday afternoon.

The bigger picture yesterday afternoon.