31 Mar 2013

Yesterday morning was certainly Blue Bird!!

In all directions.

At 2240 meters the temperature was +5, winds were non existent. At 1650 meters the temperature was +3.5, no new snow reported there for a while now. In the valley it was -1. Observations taken at 06:00 Hrs this AM. At the weather station on Nester's Road yesterday the max temp was +18.3 yesterday afternoon.

For the forecast, more of the same. The upper ridge will bring another warm sunny day. There is a chance clouds may move in this afternoon with some light precipitation.  The ridge will weaken and a low level flow will come onshore for dry cooler weather Monday through Wednesday. A series of weather systems will move onshore starting Thursday into the weekend.

For the local avalanche advisory: Whistler Mountain Avalanche Advisory

There will be some crust recovery today, but it certainly will turn soft quickly today.

Person missing after avalanche near Glencoe Ski Centre: Scotland

Colorado skier felt life fade during 3 hours buried in avalanche: Denverpost

Search for missing skier called off for the night: SYKOSE

Avalanche Airbag review 2013: Olly Allen

Many people were enjoying the warm spring Easter Saturday.

The snow in the valley is disappearing at a very fast pace.

At this rate the lakes will be open in no time.

Slight chance the vapour (Orange colour) in this image may move North this afternoon.