1 May 2013

May 1, 2013

There were more clouds to the south end of the valley yesterday. 


At 2240 meters the temperature was -9, winds were 5-10 KPH from the SSE. At 1550 meters the temperature was -4, no new snow recorded there. In the valley it was - 2. Observations taken at 07:00 Hrs this AM. During the week the valley temperature will go from +14 today to +26 on Sunday. Each day getting a little warmer.

For the forecast the upper ridge will continue to dominate the weather pattern into next week. Today there is a chance of some cloud development this afternoon. Thursday has a small disturbance bring some clouds into the area then back to sunny skies for Friday into early next week. Freezing levels will go to 2200 meters today and slowly increase each day heading towards 4000 meters by Saturday.

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Avalanche Divas Night 2013: ISSW 2013 October 7 Th

Southwest side of the Callaghan Valley.

Ice on trees from last storm.

Satellite picture from yesterday around 19:30 Hours.

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