17 May 2013

May 17, 2013

It was a great morning yesterday, then the clouds built into cumulus shortly followed by cumulus nimbus and some precipitation in the mountains.

At 2240 meters the temperature was +1, winds were calm. At 1550 meters the temperature was +4.5, no new snow with a base of 130 cm. In the valley it was +7. Observations taken at 08:00 Hrs.

For the forecast expect unsettled conditions for today, similar day as yesterday, clouds should build as the day progresses with light precip in the alpine.The south west flow will bring a stronger trough through our area Saturday with cloudy skies and at times moderate precipitation. A weak ridge builds for Sunday and early Monday with unsettled conditions. A deep upper low is expected for Tuesday bringing moist and cool conditions until Wednesday. Guesstimates Today 1-3 mm, Saturday 3-5 mm, Sunday 1-2 mm, Monday 1-3 mm with 1-3 cm in the alpine, Tuesday 1-3 mm with 2-5 cm in the alpine. Freezing levels will be as high as 2400 meters today averaging around 2000 meters until Tuesday when they drop to around 1600 meters.

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Satellite picture from yesterday morning.

Satellite picture from late yesterday afternoon.

Large clouds formed during the day.

By the end of the day it was mostly clear with a few clouds.

The sunset was quite spectacular.

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