9 May 2013

May 9, 2013

Ground hog day again yesterday, we have certainly been in an amazing cycle.

Some more surface activity on Armchair yesterday.

At 2240 meters the temperature was +10, winds were calm. At 1550 meters the temperature was +7.5, no new snow and the base is now 159 cm. In the valley it was + 5. Observations taken at 07:00 Hrs this AM. Maximum temp in the valley yesterday was +25, at 2240 meters it was +14, and at 1550 meters it was +17.

For the forecast we can expect another ground hog day, sunny skies and warm temperatures. The ridge of high pressure will be here until the next frontal system enters our area on Saturday. Some cloud development is possible for Friday. Clouds and sun for Saturday until rain begins Late Saturday evening into Monday. Its been difficult to put an exact amount on the rain but its looking like heavy rain at times early Saturday morning into Sunday. Monday has the potential to be wet also when an upper trough will slide into the area. A ridge of high pressure will be here by Wednesday.  Guesstimates 20-40 mm by Tuesday. Freezing levels on Saturday will be 3000 meters decreasing to 1800 meters by Monday evening.

Does anyone have a picture of the reported avalanche on the Duffy Lake Road from the past few days and when it occurred??

Still some crust recovery in certain locations but its fairly soft.

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Body of Renton Dentist killed in avalanche found: Avalanche from April 12, 2013

15 dead, 1 missing in mountain-related accidents during Golden Week: Japan

A fairly large cornice drop in Garabaldi Provincial Park, near Panorama Ridge?, 20 Km from Horstman Hut, fell on May 8 Th.
Free water melting from cornices above this rock band. 

Fallers Rock in Blackcomb Bowl.

The snow pack is disappearing at a very fast pace, averaging 5cm per day for the past week. 

Yesterdays satellite pictures, the stratus cloud on the ocean has been very persistent.

The big picture shows the approaching moisture for the weekend, disagreement in the models are making it hard to forecast how much precipitation we will receive over Sunday and Monday.

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