11 Aug 2013

August 11, 2013

Clouds have moved in and rain will ensue.

Satellite picture from this am. The low is upon us.

Picture of Ring Mountain from August 8, 2013.

At 2180 meters the temperature was +13, winds were light from the SSW. At 1550 meters the temperature was +13. In the valley it was +19. Observations taken at 08:00 hrs this am. Alpine temperatures should lower with the approaching moisture and cloud cover.

For the forecast we can expect mostly cloudy skies with rain showers and the possibility of a thunder storm  today. The sun will appear at times also. An upper low has entered our area and will bring unsettled weather for the next few days. Today appears to be the wettest with sun and clouds in the mix for the rest of the week. With this unstable airmass we can also expect periodic rain showers during the week. The upper trough offshore may linger for a few days bringing cooler temperatures.

A Global view of Glaciers: GlobeGlacier Project

After a month of summer temperatures, Las Lenas gets a dump: 7-10 feet of snow reported

Avalanche Footage from: BrainFarm

A look backwards to the first avalanche rescue transceiver: Skadi

Avalanche activity after 3 feet of fresh snow: Denali

What if your beacon prayed: Wild Snow

Here is why you have to go to iF3 in Montreal in September: FreeSkier

Satellite picture from yesterday, missed us but went up the coast of Vancouver Island.

Huge melt last week, Squamish Glacier pumping water into the upper part of the river.

Melt water flowing off the glacier.

Looking South East.
Looking North West.

Interesting shot sent in by Cliff Jennings:

On Wednesday I hiked the Decker Loop using my new Delorme InReach for tracking. When I opened the shared track, I noticed this scene of the bottom of Trorey Glacier floating in a new lake. This seems to be more recent imagery than Google Earth.

Last Friday, lots of water flowing from the glaciers.

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