1 Oct 2013

October 1, 2013

Awesome morning, looking more like the end of October than the first day of October!!

Snow line down as low as 1200 meters. October 1, 2013

At 2180 meters the temperature was -5. At 1860 meters the temperature was -5, winds were 10-20 KPH from the S. At 1650 meters the temperature was +1, the precipitation gauge there registered 24.6 mm in the past 24 hours. In the valley it was +4, the precipitation gauge there recorded 20 mm of rain for September 30, 2013. Observations taken at 07:00 hours this am October 1, 2013.

For the forecast, an upper trough offshore will bring cool unsettled weather into Wednesday. Drier weather will arrive for Thursday into Friday as a weak upper ridge moves through the area. Some light showers may occur on Friday night with the freezing level reaching 2800 meters.  A front is expected to arrive on Saturday evening into Sunday with moderate-light amounts of precipitation and freezing levels will drop to 1900 meters later on Sunday. The beginning of next week looks like a fairly dry flow from the North West which should keep the temperatures on the cool side. Lets hope the freezing levels are off, there is a significant amount of snow to potentially melt and create flooding.

Updated forecast for October 2, 2013; the models are changing quickly, so hard to keep up with the trend. Upper low off the coast will give us bands of light rain prior to the upper ridge building for Thursday into Friday. Freezing levels may now only go as high as 2500 meters and then drop again on Saturday to 2000 meters. Precip on Saturday and Sunday is now expected to be heavy-moderate but a fairly quick event. Monday is now looking mostly cloudy as a ridge rebuilds into Tuesday.

Updated image showing high which will be here for tomorrow.

Hikers and snowshoers should be avalanche prepared: If you walk in the mountains

Many resorts in the US allow uphill access, WB does not: Here is a list

First snow of the year on the Hurley Pass: September 30, 2013

Steven's Pass receives snow: September 30, 2013

Yet another article on avalanche air bags: Good Description of the various air bags out there

More info on the Arc'teryx air bag: Still in development

Here is a video submitted by Jerome David. Biking in some wet snow!! A picture of the tracks were in yesterdays post.

Crystal Mountain in Washington State is opening today, just today for some lucky guests:

Only the gondola will be open today and only 75 skiers and riders, who’d commented on Crystal’s Facebook page, will be sold $15 lift tickets today.  They’ll get to ride from 10am – 1pm and they’re gonna have a an absolute blast.  We can all be comfortably jealous.

River levels are up, lets hope it stays cool.  Does anyone remember Oct 8, 1984 or Oct 18, 2003?

Looks like we will see unsettled weather until Thursday.

Model for  Tuesday-Wednesday.

Thursday- Friday

Model for Sunday- Monday October 7 Th.

Did not expect as much precipitation yesterday as we received, here is an image from yesterday, fairly thick moisture laden clouds circulating in our zone.

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