14 Oct 2013

October 14, 2013

Great looking morning, there is an inversion, temperature at the peak of Whistler is 0, 07:30 am.

Last year at this time we had no snow in the alpine, this was on October 10, 2012. A fire in the Birkenhead.

This was October 10, 2013. With the warm temperatures forecasted for this week there will be a significant change by next weekend.

The high pressure system offshore.

At  2180 meters the temperature was 0. At 1860 meters the temperature was +1.5, winds were 25-40 KPH from the N. At 1650 meters the temperature was +3. Observations taken at 07:30 hours, October 14, 2013.

For the forecast we can expect the strong upper ridge offshore to dominate for the next week. There is however a vigorous fast moving trough approaching our area for Tuesday, clouds may form and there is a slight possibility of a shower. There is also a chance this trough may miss us! Northerly flow aloft will continue today into tomorrow. Warmer temperatures can be expected by Thursday and freezing levels will gradually increase to 3800 meters.

Three killed in an avalanche: India

Even Scientific America has written an article on: Airbags

Snow and avalanches forcing climbers to retreat: Altitude

Arapahoe Basin opened October 13, 2013: Colorado

The power of a slab avalanche: You Tube

Cows are not impressed by skiers: French Alps

Shot from yesterday shows how much snow has melted in the past week.

Will be interesting to see how the snow pack changes over the next week.

Satellite picture from this morning.

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