17 Oct 2013

October 17, 2013

North West aspect of  Mt. Currie is still holding snow.

Great time of the year to enjoy the colors and chill!!

After the busy weekend its very relaxing in town.

As of 07:30 hrs this am October 17, 2013 the temperature at 2180 meters was +3. At 1860 meters, the Rendezvous, the temperature was +4, winds were 20-30 KPH from the N. At 1650 meters, Pig Alley , the temperature was +4. In the valley the temperature was 0. Maximum temperature in the valley yesterday was +15.

For the forecast the dry North -North West flow will persist in our area until the weekend. The strong upper ridge may weaken by the middle of next week. Certainly a blocking pattern is in effect. Enjoy the Indian Summer!! Freezing level to rise to 4000 meters by Friday.

Explanation of a Block-(Meteorology): From Wikipedia

Ole Salomonsen Photography: Northern Lights

Snow Guardians the trailer: Montana Ski Patrol Documentary

Avalanche Awareness- Tips that can save your life: B.C. Snowmobile Federation

Avalanche Safety-How to avoid avalanches: From France-TignesNet

Ortovox Avalanche Safety: GearX.Com

Another skiing related lawsuit in the US: Jay Peak

More details on Avalanche on Everest: Incredible Story

Models show some moisture too the north next week.

Lots going on around us but nice weather for us. Click here for animation

Sunset October 16, 2013. Warm on the Westerly exposures.

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