21 Oct 2013

October 21, 2013

Yet another amazing morning in the mountains.

Great colors and temperatures while the lowlanders are in a cool layer of stratus cloud.

Strong surface based temperature inversion causing the stratus cloud layer near the ocean and in the lowlands to raise and lower bringing cool cloudy conditions to the lower mainland.

Looking over Vancouver from Cypress Mountain. Stratus layer quite high on Saturday.

Stratus layer visible in the satellite image.

Weather observations for October 21, 2013 this am at 07:30 hrs. At 2180 meters the temperature was +7. At 1860 meters the temperature was +10, winds were 5-10 KPH from the ENE. At 1650 meters the temperature was +8. In the valley the temperature was +2.

For the forecast the strong persistent high pressure aloft remains stable for at least another week. There is a possibility for some cloud to spill into our area during the week, but it will remain sunny and warm for this time of the year.  Frequent typhoons that have been affecting Japan have kept the jet stream in its present course and has affected the weather pattern in our area.

Avalanche warning in place for K Country: Alberta

Dangerous Avalanche conditions expected: Colorado

Stranded in heavy snow at Qomolangma: China Daily

From Mammoth Mountain, 2013-2014 Forecast: Mammothsnowman.com

Knocking off the rust part 2: American Avalanche Institute

Self charging GPS tracking and retrieving: Retrievor

When you look at the big picture you realize how strong the high is considering the moisture in the Pacific.

As soon as you get near the opening of Howe Sound you can see the layer affecting the lower mainland, this layer has persisted for almost a week and should continue for the next while.

From Accu weather.

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