26 Oct 2013

October 26, 2013

Still looking white on Rumbling Glacier.

Even the south side of Currie still has remnants of the first snow, amazing considering how warm the temperatures have been in the alpine.

Incredible image from Vancouver a few days ago, Alexis Burkill Photo. He was up early!!

The jet stream is changing and so will our weather pattern!!

As of 06:30 hours this October 26, 2013 the temperature at 2180 meters was + 4. At 1835 meters the temperature was +3, winds were 0-5 KPH from the S. At 1650 meters the temperature was +3.5. In the valley the temperature was +3.

For the forecast we can expect an upper level low to move through our zone today with some cloud in the mix. Hopefully the sun will burn  the cloud away for some sunny breaks. The upper level trough will linger into  tomorrow but it looks mostly sunny.  High pressure moving in late Sunday associated with a strong northerly flow will bring sunny skies into Wednesday when a shift to a westerly flow will bring a wetter pattern. There is a chance of drizzle for tonight, Freezing level tomorrow night could drop to 1000 meters rising again Monday-Tuesday then dropping back to more seasonable values on Wednesday. Still nice looking weather until mid week, get out there and enjoy as it will be changing!!

Strong northerly flow should move all the low level cloud out of the area.

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I personally will be using a tested, trusted avalanche beacon!! Check your beacons prior to the first outing, its important to make sure it is working properly before your in avalanche terrain.

Less than 5 years ago Tower 1 & 2 of the Showcase T-Bar were on ice.!!

Many crevasses on one of Blackcomb's more active avalanche slopes, Prime Rib.

Image from yesterday afternoon, you can see the clouds moving in on photo below at around 16:00 Hrs.

Upper level low moved into our area yesterday,  passing through today.

Last night at 18:00 hrs, after 2 weeks of no stratus cloud in Whistler, it slides in, now we know what Vancouver felt like from this unusual weather pattern we have been experiencing!!

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