28 Oct 2013

October 28, 2013

With a fresh dusting early Sunday morning and cold temperatures allowing snow making to start up the snow guns, its looking like winter again in the alpine. Nice looking day, unfortunately there is no wind speed and direction information on line from any of the alpine weather stations. Looks like its strong from the north.

Presently cold enough to make snow!!! Temperature?

Unsettled conditions for Halloween with some cloud and a fairly strong flow.

As of 06:30 hours this 28 Th day of October the temperature at 1550 meters was -3. In the valley it was +4. Most of the automated weather data is unavailable at this time. Hopefully all the stations will be brought back on line as soon as possible with winter approaching!!

For the forecast, a strong upper level ridge will remain in our area until Wednesday. The strong northerly flow from this high pressure was evident yesterday and this morning with strong outflow winds. A weak cold front is forecasted to move into our zone Wednesday night with the possibility of some light rain. Unsettled conditions will follow until Friday night when a stronger frontal system is expected to arrive. Freezing levels are expected to rise again today and tomorrow as high as 3200 meters than gradually drop to about 1000 meters by Saturday. We are moving towards a typical fall zonal flow!!

Developer responsibility when apps might risk lives: Ask.Slashdot Comments

Dynafit has been posting a series of Backcountry Education clips: The Human Factor

Snow will be here soon, it has snowed in: Calgary

Marmot Basin to open on: November 8, 2013

Great that the Gallatin NF Avalanche Centre creates these videos: This year's foundation

A view of  Lions Bay, saw a whale in Howe Sound yesterday near the Horseshoe Bay Terminal.
Its great to see the marine life returning to Howe sound.

Front moving in on Saturday night.

Sunrise Sunday morning. The system that came through Saturday night dropped 4 mm of rain in the valley, certainly more than a drizzle. Hard to quesstimate most of the time!

No stratus cloud or fog along the coastal area's.

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