30 Oct 2013

October 30, 2013

High cloud this morning, 2500 meter ceiling. Looks to be too warm for making snow. Warm front today, followed by a weak cold front tomorrow.

Making snow in the Crystal Zone, October 29,  there are chairs hanging on the new Crystal Chair.

October 28, 2013, cold and strong Northerly winds.

We may get lucky for Halloween, possible breaks around dusk are forecasted.

As of 07:00 hrs this 30Th day of October the temperature at 2180 meters was -2. At 1835 meters the temperature was 0, winds were 5-15 kph from the SSE. At 1550 meters the temperature was 0. In the valley it was +1.

For the forecast we can expect the high cloud that slipped into our area last night to give us unsettled weather with the possibility of light rain at times today, showers this evening. Looking unsettled for tomorrow with some showers, drier but cloudy on Friday, prior to the arrival of a strong front Saturday, bringing rain to the lower elevations and snow to the alpine. Sunday is looking unsettled (possible sun) prior to the arrival of a cold low which will likely bring snow showers to the valley on Monday and Tuesday. West Northwesterly flow will bring in a series of fronts for the next few days, freezing levels will hover  around 1800 - 1300 meters, by Sunday night the FL could drop as low as 450 meters. Winter is on its way!!

100 Foot wave, possible new record?: Nazare, Portugal

Modifying the Dynafit TLT6 Touring Boot: Lou Dawson

Climbers caught by Vanoise Avalanche: France

K2 brings Snow Pit Tests and Digging Protocols: American Avalanche Institute

First Avalanches of the season in the Wasatch Range: Alta, Utah

Avalanche on Mount Baker: Sherman Peak

Third Annual Eastern Snow and Avalanche workshop: ESAW 2013 November Ninth

There is a lot of moisture out in the Pacific, we can expect some precip over the next few days.

Low will be over us on Saturday!

Monday and Tuesday could bring snow to the valley.

Thicker ceiling moving our way!

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