11 Nov 2013

November 11, 2013

Monday November 11Th, Remembrance Day. +1 at 1835 meters. Looks like winter though! 07:00 Am

Sunday Morning started out grey. 

Ended in a nice day with some high cloud over the Tantalus Range.

Moist Southerly flow brought light rain to the valley on Saturday.

Great day if you were a heron or a duck!!

IR Satellite image for this AM. Not to much confidence in sunny breaks today! No visible satellite image at this time of the morning to make a decision!!

November 11, 2013 as of 06:00 hrs the temperature at 2180 meters was 0. At 1835 meters the temperature was +1, winds were 10-20 KPH from the ESE. At 1550 meters the temperature was -3.5 and in the valley the temperature was +2. Warm air aloft with some cold air mid mountain.

The warm upper ridge will strengthen a bit today bringing unsettled conditions with the possibility of some sunny breaks. A weak cold front will arrive this evening with some light precipitation into tomorrow. Appears to linger into Wednesday, with another upper ridge building off the coast bringing unsettled conditions to Sunday. There is still some inconsistency in the GFS and European models, but it looks fairly dry after Tuesday. Some flurries are forecasted but no large cold storms any time soon! The good news is that the freezing levels should drop back down to 1200 meters by Thursday evening. Warmest day being today, for the rest of the week FL averages around 1700-1500 meters.

Through the grape vine there were some avalanches observed on Whistler after the wet snow on Wednesday added to the fairly low density dry snow from last Saturday. Natural Size 1-2 slabs, not much intel?
Size 1.5 under the new Harmony Chair from a few days ago.

Canada West Mountain School AST 1 Course; Nov 23-24 2013: CWMS

Do phones Interfere with Avalanche Beacons: Yes

Early season incident in Alaska: Anchorage Avalanche Center

Making decisions in the field: National Avalanche Center

Key messages for Snowmobilers: Canadian Avalanche Centre

A pole for snowboarders, what about deep powder boarding, will the pole stay put: Great Idea or not?

Saturday afternoon, still cold enough to make snow while it was snowing. -3.5 at 15:30 Hrs Max temp at 1835 meters Saturday was -1.5, 13:30 Hrs.

Sunday's Sunset over the Tantalus Range.

This would be too easy!!

Satellite image from Saturday morning, the flow did move further North.

Cold front moving into our area this evening with some precipitation.

Spot Wx has some rain on the way.

Some shots from Jamie May from Blackcomb Glacier Park and just into Garibaldi Park. The first two were taken at the beginning of October the next 2 were from November 10 Th. Thanks for these Jamie.

Looks like some of the crevasses have filled in a little, but not much difference in a month!!! Be careful if venturing out onto the glaciers. With the activity observed on Whistler certainly be thinking of avalanches. Remember that if there is enough snow to ride, there is enough snow to slide. This time of the year a size 1.5 avalanche can certainly mess you up if you are exploring steep terrain and get sent into the rocks or trees.

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