12 Nov 2013

November 12, 2013

Looking warm and moist, 0 degrees as of 06:00 hrs this am. -.5 at the peak of Whistler.

Backcountry Avalanche Workshop, UBC, November 24Th Click here for Info: CAC
There is also a workshop in Whistler on the 26Th, will be reminders in other posts.

Great to see the community out for Remembrance Day.

The weak cold front should pass through by this afternoon. Cooler temperatures will follow!

As of 07:00 hrs this am November 12, 2013 here are some weather observations.
2180 Meters Temp -.5
1835 Meters Temp   0, Winds 15-40 KPH from the ESE.
1650 Meters Temp +2, No new snow
 658  Meters Temp +1 Alta Lake Weather Station Lt Rain

Some of the WB weather equipment is not fully functioning, lacking some information,  hopefully soon.

For the forecast we can expect the weak cold front to pass by fairly quickly, light  precip should end this afternoon. Unsettled conditions will prevail with mostly cloudy skies and flurries until an upper ridge builds for Thursday. Another weak front for Friday followed by ridging for the weekend with much colder temperatures. Freezing level this morning hovering around 1900 meters and progressively dropping to 900 meters by Friday. Negative values may be felt in the valley by Saturday into Sunday.
With the possibility of making snow prior to the weekend there is a good chance Whistler may open on Saturday November 16 Th. Should be able to get the snow guns up and running again tomorrow.

Hats off to Ski Patroller's: Some History from Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

For those of us in stressful occupations, a good view from Kelly McGonigal: Ted Talks

Skier's trigger avalanche near Crested Bute: Colorado

Falling Trees in Brazil, could mean less snow in Western North America: Princeton University

Skier triggers avalanche on Jackson Peak: Bridger Teton Avalanche Center

Canadian Avalanche Centre has put out an Avalanche Bulletin for : Kananaskis Country
Bulletin's for the Sea to Sky Corridor should begin on November 22 Nd.

Satellite heading for the ground: The Percentages and Acceptable Risk

More foder for the complexity of Earths weather: Weak Solar Cycle

The real big picture, what is really going on, lots!! Have discussed volcanic activity in past posts, there has been lots of this type of activity happening, just one of the many factors affecting our weather, the world is an amazing place, we are still learning its idiosyncrasies: Latest Volcanic Activity

Satellite picture from November 11, 2013 09:00 Hrs

Same time as the satellite image was taken.  Coverage is looking decent!! Notice something out of sync. Situational Awareness Test? Grey day!!

Later Sunday afternoon the clouds thicken but we did get a glimpse of the sun during the day.

You can see the breaks here.

Great image of the some what big picture, there is a lot going on out there in the Pacific!

 Another great image of the low, this is from yesterday.

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