14 Nov 2013

November 14, 2013

Great opportunity for the community to learn more about some of the important issues in the Avalanche World.  Fairly large venue that can accommodate a crowd. 

Helicopter orientation for the Blackcomb Ski Patrol, the B3e, one of Blackcomb Aviations Fleet, it is one of the most powerful small single engine  helicopters in the world. Due to a Municipality, willing to drag it's bureaucratic feet, the Heli-Port at the Whistler Health Care Centre still will not allow this machine to land there (after two years of debate). It is the machine of choice, that is easily available to the user groups needing this important tool to help save people's lives. The Department of Transportation is totally willing to give single engine helicopters the right to land there, stipulations have been laid out, discussed, and when the Resort Municipality complies to the requirements the issue of landing the most used helicopter in the area will end. When that happens lives will be saved and the groups in the valley that have to rescue people will breath a sigh of relive. Anyone using the backcountry or the ski area should be pressuring the municipality to get its ducks in a row and allow the professionals saving peoples lives to do there jobs. This is not a matter that should be allowed to continue, will it take some one you know to die before it changes?? Voice your concern to the Mayor. Litigation could be a serious issue for the players involved. The risk of serious injury is elevated as of Saturday with more people in the area recreating.

The Ferrari of the skies, a very powerful, reliable, tool, that Whistler SAR and WB Patrol like to use.

Thursday looks unsettled. Possible 5-10 cm late Thursday into Friday.

Some weather observations taken at 06:00 hrs this 14 Th day of November.
2180 Meters   -3 Winds 10-25 from the WSW
1835 Meters   -3 Winds 5-10 KPH from the SW
1550 Meters   -.5
660   Meters  +4 3.5 mm of Precip on Nov 12Th & Nov 13Th

For the forecast an upper level trough is moving South, unsettled conditions will follow bringing mostly cloudy skies, possible sunny breaks and the occasional shower.. There have been some bands of moisture go through overnight. Friday is also looking mostly cloudy with some showers. Northwest flow on Saturday will usher in some modified arctic air which will bring dry cold conditions for Saturday into Sunday. The pattern changes again on Monday with a moist flow and the possibility of Heavy to Moderate snow in the alpine into Tuesday. Freezing levels have dropped and will continue to slowly reach the valley by Saturday. The forecasted temperatures do not seem to be as cold as predicted 2 days ago.

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Cooling temperatures and some precip, how good does it get before opening day!! You may need your down, could be  cold by Saturday- Sunday.

Visible image from yesterday, lots of cloud but relatively dry.

Still lots going on in the Pacific, just one big organized, cold storm with copious amounts of snow would be great!! Soon Please. Monday-Tuesday looks promising but still a few days away.

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