28 Nov 2013

November 28, 2013

Great event, come out and have you're say in an important discussion to create some dialogue on where the community should go with this topic. 

Weak front moved in yesterday afternoon with Freezing levels rising to 3000 meters+, minimal precip, but it certainly changed the snow quality, on some slopes for the good and others not so much. 

At noon yesterday it was still clear to the North as the front moved in from the South.

By 15:00 hrs the temperature was +1.5 at 2180 meters, Nov 27, 2013. Had a wet look!!

Weather Observations for November 28, 2013, taken at 06:00 Hrs.

2180 meters     -1, no wind reading
1860 meters     +1, winds 10-30 KPH from the SSE
1835 meters     +1, winds 10-40 KPH from the S
1650 meters     +2,  no new, Base 63 cm
1550 meters     +4,  .3mm of precip yesterday, max yesterday +5
  660 meters      -1,  valley temp

Interesting fact for the American Jewish Community, the last time Chanuka and Thanksgiving were on the same day was 1888, the next time it happens will be in 77,000 years. Happy Thanksgivukkah

The warm moist air mass yesterday has passed, a very weak ridge builds for today with warm unsettled conditions. A trough is moving through Northern BC but we should remain dry in our zone, perhaps some light showers later today. The flow shifts Friday to a Northwesterly flow bringing cloudy conditions and the chance of some flurries tomorrow evening above 1200 meters. Saturday is also bringing some light snow to the alpine, with freezing levels hovering around 1300 meters. A cold front will move in sometime Sunday/Monday with cooler temperatures, freezing levels dropping to surface by Monday(Arctic Front). A high pressure will develop for Tuesday with cold air and the chance of another blocking pattern. La Nada at its best! Hard to determine exact precip amounts with what is happening in the next few days. Guesstimates; Late Friday 1-3 cm, Saturday 1-3 cm, Late Saturday into Sunday 10-15 cm. Hope to get better numbers for tomorrow.

Glacier Melting and Sea Level rise being studied: Science Daily

Retiring Old Avalanche Transceivers: Outdoors.org

Mountain Weekly News Editors Choice for Probes: There pick of the best Probe 2013-2014

Powder has launched ; The Safe Zone: Article by John Stifter

An issue coming our way; Surface Hoar and other facets: Montana, GNFAC

There was some great light yesterday morning.

Not much natural snow below tree line but in the morning the snow was dry and quite enjoyable Wednesday. That changed quickly in the afternoon.

Cold and dry for next week, glad we have an extensive snow making system!!

Maybe looking at an omega block for next week. Again!! Much colder this time. This is Saturday, by Monday it will more than likely be well formed. Hopefully the convergence of the low and cold high pressure will bring us more snow than is presently forecasted.

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