7 Nov 2013

November 7, 2013

15 cm reported at the Nester's Weather Station!

Fairly moist snow +1 when this shot was taken.

Its obvious from this picture that the snow cover is minimal, as of yesterday it was low density snow over rocks and vegetation. Unfortunately on Tuesday afternoon a 24 year old male was snowboarding above Kadenwood  Subdivision and fell into some rocks resulting in a serious lower back injury with multiple fractures. The Whistler Mountain Ski Patrol and Whistler SAR were called out to respond. Access to the area was difficult, which created a labour and time intensive extrication. The incident happened later in the day so land based rescue was the only option. Its very early in the season with a thin snowpack, for those venturing out there for some turns remember that we have a long season here, you can make turns until the end of May via the lift system, be careful its no fun cutting the season short with a life changing injury.

Whistler Blackcomb is currently closed.
Public access is not allowed.  The Ski Area is not currently maintained for winter recreational use. 
Avalanche hazards may exist.
Unmarked natural and man-made hazards such as and not limited to; lift towers, winch points, road cuts, trail signs, buildings and snow fences may exist.
Vehicles may be encountered at any time.
Resort boundaries are not designated.
Construction hazards  exist.
First aid response is not available at the resort.
Call 911 for assistance.

November 6, 2013, Cold enough to make snow at 1835 meters, -5 as of 07:00 hrs.

Sunset November 5, 2013

As of 07:00 Hrs this 7Th day of November at 2180 meters the temperature was -1.5. At 1860 meters the temperature was -1, winds were 30-50 KPH from the SSE. At 1550 meters the temperature was -1. In the valley the temperature was 0. A fairly warm air mass, but still snowing. Not sure of the accuracy in the snow fall gauges, but Pig Alley is saying 20 cm so far and Catskinner is recording 25 cm as of 07:00 hrs.

For the forecast the moist onshore flow has pulled warm air from the Hawaiian Islands resulting in the front to be fairly warm luckily the low pressure pushing through at the southern end of Vancouver Island is associated with a cold front. The convergence is certainly bringing snow to our area. The low will pass by later today bringing drier conditions for Friday. A weak warm front is slatted for Saturday which will linger into Sunday. A short lived ridge of high pressure is forecasted to build for Monday. The models are in disagreement after that so there will be more intel for early next week in the next post.

SAIS to provide avalanche forecasts for Torridon: SportScotland Avalanche Information Service

Ski Lingo according to : The Ultimate Guide to the Modern-Day Ski Bum

Making a Buckled Power Strap for touring boots: EarnYourTurns

Could have used a 25 Kg rock, Size 3 release at Chatter Creek: Heli-Bombing with 25 Kg of explosive
Bad Language alert, several 4 letter words used!!

Have posted in the past, easily triggered slab: Ski Cutting Video

Ski Cutting a slope 101: Back Side Elevated Education
Ski cutting can get you caught in a slide fairly quickly, its not for everyone! If you decide to try, go with an experienced ski cutter and practise. Do not try this until there is enough snow where you will not get tumbled through the rocks and trees if it goes wrong.

Forecaster's Forum November 23, 2013: Millennium Place 19:00 Hours

Important information for skiers and snowboarders:

New ligament discovered in the human knee: Science Daily

3 Badakhshan men die in avalanche

KUNDUZ CITY : Three people were killed by an avalanche in the Kohistanat district of northwestern Badakhshan province, an official said on Monday.
Another four people sustained injuries after being buried in the snow on Sunday afternoon, the governor's spokesman, Abdul Maroof Rasikh, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
The injured were taken to a nearby health facility in critical condition, he said, concluding the victims were heading towards Sraghil village from the district centre when met the disaster...(PAN)
When the dust settles we could get 30-40 cm of snow in the alpine as long as the temperatures cooperate.

Still some moisture around for Friday.

Sunday is looking cloudy as well.

Amazing it is still snowing with such a warm air mass.

Be careful out there on the roads, its very slippery!

Very defined low off the coast of Vancouver Island.

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