28 Dec 2013

December 28, 2013

Image of the Avalanche on Pucker Face, Slope angle>45 Deg, crown 1.2 meters. Snowboarder buried under 1.35 meters of snow. Unsure if it was trauma or suffocation as the cause of death. Cody Peak

One of many avalanches that have recently killed 4 people in France and Switzerland. More information on the conditions there in the articles below. St Moritz Avalanche

Early Friday morning, snowing and blowing. Wind reached 100 KPH in the morning at 2240 meters.

By the afternoon the snow stopped and it cooled off. Snow line around 1600 meters.

A small ski cut slab in an isolated cross loaded pocket. Some North facing slopes Sc size 1 yesterday.

It was quite pleasant in the afternoon if you managed to get dry.

Weather observations for December 28, 2013, taken at 06:00 Hrs.

2180 meters      -7,   winds were 20-30 KPH from the SSW
1860 meters      -4,   winds were 5-10 KPH from the SSE
1835 meters      -7,   winds were 5-10 KPH from the SSW
1650 meters   -5.5,   no new snow, Base 90 cm 3 cm recorded yesterday
1550 meters   -3.5,   no new snow, Base 63 cm 1 cm recorded yesterday, 9 mm of precip
  660 meters       0,   Valley Temp, 8.8 mm of precip yesterday

For the forecast, a ridge of high pressure is again dominating our area with unsettled weather for today into Sunday. Several weak weather systems will bring mostly cloudy skies at times during the week.  A weak weather system could bring spotty showers to the area Sunday afternoon into Sunday evening but that is unlikely. The models are again in disagreement as to how wet and when these weak weather systems will push through during the upcoming week. The broad upper level ridge will bring unsettled conditions for Tuesday into Wednesday, Wednesday evening has a wetter more consolidated front moving through into Thursday. That is a ways off, so more on that later in the week, probably the only chance for any kind of precipitation will be on Thursday.

Many people have been asking me when is it going to snow, a tough question to answer! The persistent ridging over the East Pacific  has created a less than desirable pattern for the coastal areas. Most of the storms are going North and then bringing snow to the mountains East of our zone. Unfortunately it appears that this pattern will continue for a few more weeks. We may need to have a ULLR party before the end of January. Lets hope it does change prior to February?

The Cult of Ullr: Lord of the Winter

High Avalanche Danger in parts of Europe: WEPowder

Snowmobiler dies in Avalanche in Idaho: Eastern Idaho

Separate avalanche accidents in France and Switzerland: High avalanche hazard in parts of Europe

Missed this story; Snowboarder dies in tree well outside Powder King : Snow Immersion Fatality

More info on avalanches in France: Pistehors.com

Companions of woman killed by avalanche in Andorra arrested: December 25, 2013

Satellite picture from yesterday morning during the storm. 10:00 hours

By 13:00 hrs we were seeing the occasional blue hole.

High clouds slowly dissipated in the afternoon.

View to the west at sunset.

Awesome sunset December 27, 2013.

Last light, the stratus cloud was rolling up the valley.

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