3 Dec 2013

December 3, 2013

Size 1 & 2 avalanches observed in the area yesterday.  Winds shifted from the South to the North Dec. 2, 2013, did not take long to create a wind skin in some areas and reverse loading in others.

Sunset December 2, 2013, officially happened at 16:12.

Much of the backcountry has been wind affected.

Size 1 ski cut on reverse loaded slope from yesterday afternoon. Yesterday had size 1-2 avalanches observed in the backcountry, as well as size 2 avalanches released with explosives in the ski area.

Today's weather observations taken at 06:00 hrs this 3Rd day of December 2013.
2240 meters     No Data
2180 meters    -18, 35-70 KPH from the N
1860 meters    -15, 30-50 KPH from the NNE
1835 meters,     No Data
1650 meters    -15, no new snow, Base 87 cm
1550 meters    -12, no new snow, Base 65 cm
  660 meters    -7  , Valley Bottom, 2.1 mm of precip yesterday

Not sure of the accuracy in some of the telemetry?

The Arctic outbreak is certainly here, cold temperatures and clear skies can be expected today.
The pattern will continue into the weekend. Chance of a flurry on Thursday with some cloud moving into our zone. Possible change on Saturday, more on that later in the week. At -15, with 50 KPH winds the wind chill is around -30. Dress warm and have no exposed skin!! The winds and temperatures should ease off slightly as the day progresses.

I remember the days of steep skiing powder on 210 slalom skis: Pedal Hop Turn

Understanding the advisory is very important: Key too your survival

Weekend Avalanches: Flathead Avalanche Center, Montana

Avalanche Centre produces snowmobile safety videos: CAC

Avalanche conditions have changed depending on where you live in the province: CAC

Some observations from the South Cariboos: ACMG Blog

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Alexander Lobashevsty Photo: Tolbachik Fissure Eruption, Click here for : Location
Volcanoes have always played an important role in what happens with our weather!

Wind slabs in specific terrain will be an issue today. Reverse loading will be one of the problems. The temperature crust that formed on November 28Th will likely be reactive with the wind transported snow. It is suspected that it was the layer producing some of the recent avalanche activity. Size 2 avalanches may have run on the November 12 Th crust as well.

In places the wind slab is quite firm.

Even in adverse conditions a good guide can find some good turns some where. Foot Pen was 40 cm here, 2030 meters, SSE Aspect.

Satellite image from yesterday afternoon. There were still isolated flurries in our area during the day.

People are still going by signs warning them of the conditions. Pay attention and avoid a long walk!!
The fences and signs are there for a reason!!

Cold temperatures with a Northerly flow.

Surface Low will effect the pattern on Thursday with some mid to high cloud. Maybe a flurry!!

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