4 Dec 2013

December 4, 2013

Awesome day in the mountains yesterday, a bit cold but the snow and light were awesome!

Many folks venturing out of the ski area boundary, some with gear and many without.

Dave Sarkany Photo Some people enjoying the powder yesterday.

A piece of the temperature crust from November 29, 2013. 1900 meters. Click on avalanche advisory at the top of the page for a snowpack description.

This mornings weather observations taken at 06:00 hrs December 4, 2013.

2180 meters    -17,   winds were 30-65 KPH from the N
1860 meters    -15,   winds were 30-50 KPH from the NNE
1835 meters    -16,   winds were 5-15 KPH from the SSW
1650 meters    -14,   No new snow, Base 87 cm
1550 meters    -12,   No new snow, Base 57 cm
  660 meters    -11,   Valley temp
Accuracy of some values? -17 with a 60KPH winds brings the wind chill to -32, bundle up if you are heading to the peak.

For the forecast the continental polar air mass will continue to give us cold temperatures and clear skies today. A weak trough will come through on Thursday with cloudy skies and the chance of some light flurries (unlikely). Friday, the cold northerly flow continues with colder temperatures and clear skies.
Cloud is forecasted to move in again Saturday but no precipitation expected at this time. Looking at the long term there is a chance of a change on Tuesday.

Hoping to tame the snow in: Sochi

Improve your Avalanche Awareness: Washington trails Association

Cold brings risk of backcountry nightmare: The Province

Kamchatka's Shiveluch Volcano spews ash 9 km high: Extinction Protocol

Surface hoar will be forming with the cold clear nights; here is a definition: Surface Hoar
Here is a short clip on surface hoar :Formation

Still much discussion to be had on this idea, any comments would be appreciated. Please send your thoughts to this blog or to the Whistler Museum via Jeff Slack. Whistler Question: Article

Blackcomb Peak in some late afternoon light. December 3, 2103.

Some nice looking tracks on the South Side of Blackcomb!!

Practicing rescue is a necessity for those wishing to venture into avalanche terrain. Dave Sarkany Photo

Some cloud and possible flurries for Thursday. At this time flurries are unlikely.

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